Trump's Long History Of Sexual Predatory Behaviour - A Summary

Amongst the controversy of's Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh's history of (alleged) sexual offences, high time we reminded you all of what the Republican Party does best : Stand up for Perverts.
  • They supported a known sexual predator for the Presidency - Donald Trump.
  • They supported a known sexual predator the Senate - Roy Moore.
  • And now they support a sexual predator (alleged) for the Supreme Court (Brett Kavanaugh).

How do Republican women in America vote for a party that enables men who harm women? Where is their dignity and self-respect?

Let's repost a rundown of examples of Trump's view on women, sexual assault and rape;

A variety of sources, and a variety of credibility levels - but there's no denying the core truth is there:

Trump is a Serial Sexual Predator, his family know, his Staff know, the Republicans know and even the Democrats know.