Ukip - Start Reading The Last Rites, They're Done

Ukip, after it's Right Wing policies were rejected by 98.2% of the electorate in the last General Election, have come up with a solution to it's 'unelectability'.

They've have officially, intentionally, gone further Far Right. Their 'Interim Manifesto' announcement today has been lifted from a combination of Britain First and BNP equivalents from the last ten years. It will get a smattering of headlines, then we'll all revert back to reality of proper politics.

From the Guardian ...

Ukip has proposed Muslim-only prisons, special security screening for Muslim would-be immigrants and a repeal of equalities laws before its annual conference, further indicating the party’s shift to the populist hard right.
Let's put this into actual context : Ukip is now too extreme for Nigel Farage. Now there's a line we never thought we'd ever type.

As Zelo Street perfectly summed up ...

Allowing people to spread hatred under cover of “free speech” ?
Doing away with Human Rights?
Segregation of part of the population ?
Demonising that minority of the population as “alien”
Inventing hostile political doctrines to give supporters something to oppose?
Spreading fear of “the other”?
Claiming to be a friend to ordinary hard-working people?
Offering easy and glib solutions to their problems.

What does that sound like?
'Popular', Batten calls it.

We call it 'The last coffin nail.'