We Are British Jews

From a Social Media Thread by Sean, a summary of the proven links between AntiSemitism in the UK, USA and Canada, and the Far right in those nations and internationally.

We were in the process of compiling a similair post but Sean not only beat us to it but did so very well, so we'll use his, it's just better.

Posted with full permission, with added links and a few additional comments from us.


I’m doing this thread to raise an issue regarding the rising of far right politics aided by specific Jewish groups in 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 and 🇨🇦- I have to do this after the protests this week.

I’m truly doing this for safety of wider Jewish interests too.

This came up on my timeline today and did some digging on this.

It unfolds to confirm some very worrying connections between those backing anti Muslim Tommy Robinson on the far right and right wing Jewish groups.

Then we have the recent Rabbi Sacks intervention, there are genuine questions here ...

Sacks has led “March of the Flags” through Hebron with people shouting “Death to Arabs” and attends neoconservative Gatestone talks ....

[Rabbi Sacks was widely criticised across Jewish media both in Israel and abroad for his support, indeed, leading, of this event.]
Let this sink in and then make your own mind up !

The Gatestone Institute (formerly Stonegate Institute and Hudson New York) is a right-wing anti-Muslim think tank with a focus on Islam and the Middle East."

Looks like Jonathan Sacks has been in good company!😳

- 🌹Sean #GTTO (@Treat_Me_Gently) August 28, 2018

This then ties back to funding of Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon)

Daniel Pipes chair of MEF (Middle East Forum) is Jewish.

[The 'Middle East Forum', an Anti-Islam Lobby Group, freely admitted funding Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) and paid for a US Congressman to speak in his defence in London]

Ezra Levant who runs Rebel Media is Jewish.

[Rebel Media is a Canadian Far-Right online political and social commentary media website who employed Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) alongside numerous Far Right 'names']

Gatestone (who Sacks talks for) is partly funded by MEF.

[Gatestone is a Far Right / Extreme Right 'Think Tank', effectively a blog site with numerous extremist contributors.]

Who cares?
"Tommy Robinson"

So this is 'grass roots' racism is it? DON'T BE FOOLED.

The Middle East Forum who fund Tommy also fund other causes.

The MEF receive their funds via a more opaque network of US 'charities'.

This is UKIP on steroids funded by the US ultra-right.

— 🌹Sean #GTTO (@Treat_Me_Gently) August 2, 2018

If you doubt this then read this.

This is Daniel Pipes of MEF boasting their involvement and celebrating the release of Tommy Robinson.

Stepping (controversially) sideways in to the House of Lords - we have the soft “power” not overtly racist but facilitators and enablers.

Powerful figures who open doors and let views be heard.

Why do Finkelstein and Cox still associate with Gatestone?

I’ll reiterate although not overtly racist themselves why has Baroness Cox (a member of Gatestone Institute) has enabled known racists like Ann Marie Waters ? [Of extreme Anti-Islam Party 'For Britain']

Are moderate Jewish people not concerned too that some in For Britain march using Nazi salutes?

Here is a sub thread on Daniel Finkelstein - I’m sure he’s a nice guy and not racist himself by all accounts but still had close association with Gatestone events in 2018.

Despite saying he doesn’t like their views!!

So who are Gatestone?

A quick Google of Gatestone Institute gives this;

A right-wing anti-Muslim think tank that is the source of VIRAL FALSEHOODS.

This is key to the Jo Cox death and the spouting of Katie Hopkins and counterparts in France and elsewhere.

In addition, this is where 'Media Bias/Fact Check' places the Gatestone Institute :

Left wing media like Open Democracy flagged this dangerous phenomenon in 2015 :
The Gatestone misinformation has continued unrelenting and has now pervaded our right wing press and was a likely contributor to Brexit vote ... (more)
So this isn’t just about a Jewishness or the Labour Antisemitism Debate or accusations (99.98% of whom have never been accused let alone found guilty)

OUR collective concern should be the Far Right - who the left have fought protecting Jews for decades.

I’m interested in others views on this video where Jeremy Corbyn discusses his memory of The Battle of Wood Green, when Neo-Nazis and National Front were prevented from marching through areas including Jewish and Irish communities.