Welcome to a Decade-Long Tory Dictatorship

I think we have to concede that Labour will not win a snap General Election. Or any election under Jeremy Corbyn.

Why ? Not because of his politics and economics, which are seen as Centrist in Europe, and backed by economists as the best way forward for all.

But simply because he is being, and will be, successfully destroyed by a concerted Right Wing Media Campaign on him personally, and mostly based on falsehoods, already proven so.

The Right were unable to beat him politically. They were scared of him. They chose another route. For a man who's been the loudest Anti-Racist MP in Westminster for decades to be falsely branded a Racist is a masterstroke. And it was their only weapon.

Those who fell for the Myths against Corbyn, willingly or not, gullible or not, have contributed to the guarantee of a Tory Government for the next term or two.

Well, bravo.

AntiSemitism in Labour is minimal, compared to the level of constant Anti-Muslim Hatred and Xenophobia in our actual Government. But anything Corbyn is a far better story for the media, isn't it ? That's why it's dominating the headlines.

So, congratulations, all those who parroted the lies of those who had little regard for actual AntiSemitism - and chose instead to ambush a genuine issue to ensure the Tories stay in power for a long, long time.

This is the culmination of a year and a half of disinformation over Jeremy Corbyn. And a lot of from within his own party. He's been accused of everything under the sun, and some of it has stuck. Enough.

I have no doubt at all that as a campaigner against ALL forms of hatred for decades, I too will be accused of AntiSemitism in response to this. It seems a very easy label to throw around these days. Especially if you dare to criticise the policies of the Israeli Government.

Recently an Israeli sniper shot dead an unarmed medic, clearly wearing a high-visibility medic vest, while she was tending to a wounded protester. The adoption of the IHRA will allow Israel to continue with such actions with impunity, immune from comment. A mere mention of the incident will lead to accusations of AntiSemitism.

And that's why Corbyn has been fighting the adoption of the IHRA. It's a righr and proper stance to take.

But it looks like Corbyn is now beaten. His policy on Brexit was confused at best and damagingly pro-Brexit, at worst. He wasn't the messiah, but his policies would have made a better Britain. For the Many, not the Few, remember ?

And so thus, welcome to a Decade-Long Tory Dictatorship.


- Brin Kavanagh