What's The Worst Thing About The Brexit Project ?

What's worst about the Brexit Project ?

It's an even tie between ...
  • The inability of this Tory Government and PM Theresa May to be honest, direct or transparent with the Nation;
  • The appallingly low quality of the Ministers enacting it;
  • The representation on the world stage by a Foreign Secretary who was a fool - Boris Johnson - now replaced with a serial liar, Jeremy Hunt;
  • The false rhetoric, proven so numerous times,s till parroted ad infinitum by the Leavers;
  • The demands for 'Hope' and 'Belief' as the sole means to carry us through;
  • The insistence that we carry through an Advisory Referendum in which too many voters were excluded;
  • The guarantee that we'll be 'Better Off' despite numerous Official Government Reports that we really won't;
And all because someone objected to a Polish accent on a bus.