Why Robert Mueller Is The RIGHT Person to Take Down Trump

In his role as Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice in the RussiaGate Investigation, Robert Mueller has since day one, been attacked by the Trump camp and his acolytes. He still stands firm, doing his job, as he's always done. And what a job - slowly, but surely, he's reeling them all in.

Mueller is a former Director of the FBI, appointed by President George W. Bush, chosen again by President Barack Obama ... and confirmed by a cross-party Senate unanimously, voting 98–0.

Manuel Noriega
He underestimated
Mueller, too
And ... he's even registered as a Republican voter. He's probably the least biased FBI Boss in history.

He served as a Marine Corps officer during the Vietnam War, receiving the Bronze Star Medal with Combat V for Heroism and a Purple Heart.

Think Mueller's a pushover?
Just ask Mob Boss John Gotti
His investigations have taken down the corrupt BCCI, Enron, Panamanian Leader Manuel Noriega and the Gambino/Gotti Mafia Crime Family.

In every case he received multiple, viable death threats.

He might wear a suit, but Robert Mueller is a brawler. And they won't slow him down, divert him or stop him.

Soon ...