Worcester Stands Up As EDL Ran Out Of Town Again

AntiFa make their presence known in Worcester (Image : Johnny Wishbone)
Over 400 Worcester locals ran an EDL 'demonstration' ou of the City, as 70 thugs on the usual drunken stagger tried to gain support for their failing cause. Other Locals applauded the AntiFascists as they passed.
It seems they never learn the lesson. Every time they show, anywhere, at any time, they are vastly outnumbered and hugely unwelcome. A dying breed of old, angry white men with nothing better to do on a Saturday than cause grief and policing costs.

Still, delighted to see so few there in support of the EDL, and SO MANY against them. 

Barely seventy thugs showed up for the EDL in Worcester (Image : Johnny Wishbone)
 (Hat-Tip to Johnny Wishbone on Twitter for the images)