Milo - "I'm Sad The Bombs Didn't Go Off"

Instagram have stated they will not remove a post from Thursday post from Alt-Right 'darling' Milo Yiannopoulos cheering on this week’s bomb attacks against Democratic figures and journalists.

Milo said he wished that outlet had been targeted as well and said he was "sad" that none of the bombs had gone off ...
just catching up with news of all these pipe bombs ... disgusting and sad - that they didn’t go off, and the Daily Beast didn’t get one.
Facebook, which owns Instagram, did not respond when asked for comment. The company told The Daily Beast that the post “does not violate our Community Guidelines” after it was flagged by users for hate speech. Hard to see how they came to this decision - the post celebrates domestic terrorism.

The FBI are still are investigating a rash of suspicious packages containing explosives sent to high-level Democratic figures and media locations this week.

Yiannopoulos, you'll recall, resigned from Breitbart last year following an uproar over comments he had made in which he endorsed having sex with young boys.

Update : After further complaints, the post was removed - for the very reasons stated in the original complaints that Facebook / Instagram tried to swerve on ...
This content violates our policies and has been removed from Instagram and Facebook. We prohibit celebration or praise of crimes committed, and we will remove content praising a bombing attempt as soon as we’re aware.