Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers Escalates His Brexit Fight

We wrote before about Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers placement of his marvellous 100ft 'Bollocks to Brexit' sign on the roof of his Head Office.

Since then the argument has escalated with calls from Brexit'eers - and the local council - for it's removal - and Charlie's flat refusal.

We love Charlie. He's exercising his right to free expression ...
No, I ain't having some busy-body council telling me this ain't about my business!
I'm just so livid that a bunch of petty local officials are trying to tell me what's good for my business [and] that I can't even focus on that part of it,” he added.  “The sign is staying up and that's that. 
Since then, Charlie has dug his heels in - in epic fashion - and responded in the only way possible - by funding 22 more big signs around London - in Kingston, Chiswick, New Kings Road, Fulham Broadway, Swanson Way, Clapham Junction, Kings Road, Cromwell Road, Holland Road, Notting Hill Gate, Kensal Rise, Swiss Cottage, Finchley Road, Grays Inn Road, Pentonville Road, Shoreditch High Street, Bethnal Green Road, The Highway, Tower Bridge Road, and Peckham High Street.

Mullins has stated that the threat of Brexit has very clear implications for his business meaning the sign was relevant to his business and thus legal. He is encouraging other businesses to follow suit as a way to speak out against Brexit ...
We are in the final weeks of a fight that will determine the future of the United Kingdom and will influence the lives of our children and grandchildren, long after most of us are long gone. 
This is why I will not rest until I have done everything I possibly can to stop Brexit, and I would urge everyone, especially businesses, who have the slightest concern about the road we are about to travel down to say, ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ and add their voices to the growing rage. 
I'm so serious about how horrific Brexit will be, that I know I have to do all I can to try and end this charade! I've taken our #BollockstoBrexit message to the streets of London, and I will not rest until I have done everything possible to stop Brexit!
The infamous Sex
Pistols album cover
Charlie has cited the infamous Sex Pistols Court Case, after A Virgin Records shop manager was arrested and charged with contravening the Indecent Advertisement Act 1889 by defying police orders to cover up the word ‘bollocks’ in a window display advertising the Sex Pistols album.

Defence barrister John Mortimer called Reverend James Kingsley, professor of English studies at Nottingham University, as a witness for the defence, who pointed out that word can be traced to its Anglo-Saxon origins, and told the court it appears in Medieval translations of the Bible to describe 'small spherical objects'.