Facebook Systems Are Failing At Banning Extremist Content

Well. Much as we fully support Facebook's battle to rid Social Media of extremist content, their automated systems are failing - and there is no way of beating it.

We posted a commentary on the Rise of the Far Right in USA - and used images of Americans waving Nazi flags as examples.

The result ? We were banned for three days. Ridiculous - and they even left the post online.

This was what we posted for which we received the 'ban' from @facebook. It's clearly both satirical and critical.

Appeal ? There is no appeal.

So we tried their 'Feedback' Form - and it seems to be broken.

Strangely enough, not only is this post that they call 'against their community standards' still online - at the same time Facebook are sending us notifications asking if we want to ''boost'' the *banned* post by paying for an ad campaign.

Go figure.

Update : During our three day ban we got another account to post the image that Facebook considered offensive. No action was taken against that other account. We're wondering now if the ban was not automated ...but targeted.