Germany - Far Right, Fraud and Lies, as Former AfD Leader Faces Jail

Frauke Petry, the former co-leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) political party faces a year in jail if convicted of perjury. She is to stand trial charged with giving false evidence about campaign financing.

She is accused of lying under oath in November 2015, when she and her fellow AfD member Carsten Hütter are alleged to have given conflicting testimony about the AfD candidate list and campaign financing. Petry tried to use Parliamentary Immunity to avoid the charges.

Tried to avoid charges by
claiming 'Immunity'.
She has already admitted to "a mistake" in the evidence that she gave at the electoral oversight committee hearing but she said it was "not intentional".

The accusations are in connection with illegal loans that candidates were forced to give the party - AfD was accused of taking a candidate off its list because he was not willing to give a loan to the party.

Context as to Petry's integrity : 12 hours after winning her seat with AfD votes, she shocked her own party - the Party of which she was Leader - to quit, choosing to represent the new Blue Party - one that she'd secretly set up while campaigning under the AfD banner.