How A Media Story on Refugees Gets Ambushed For Hate - An Example

Police reports from England and Wales surfaced last week stating, among other things, that nearly 900 Syrian refugees were arrested over the course of the last year.

Headlines in mainly Right Wing media listed crime examples of "child abuse, sexual assault, and death threats".

The Daily Express headline was
Police arrest 900 Syrians in England and Wales for crimes, including rape, death threats and child abuse.
You'll note the word 'including' is doing a lot of heavy lifting here. It's tantamount to stating that "10s of 1000s of white men were arrested ast year, for crimes including murder."

Far Right Media Group Rebel TV (who's owner, Ezra Levant, is in police trouble as of last week) chose to bastardise the headline even further by leaving out the word "including" entirely ...

It's a perfect example of a media story bastardised and reworded to serve a Hate Agenda. This is why the Daily Express is official the biggest (or second biggest, it varies monthly) National Media Title in the UK (data from IPSO) and why we call Ezra Levant a Hate-Mongering Islamophobic Racist.

Here's the kicker : The actual story behind the headline is milder than you'd imagine. Most of those 'crimes including' are pretty trivial ...
Most of the arrests that have taken place are because people don’t have proper documentation because they are refugees, or because they rode the bus without paying the fare, it is stuff like that for the vast majority of what is reported as 900 arrests.
Tasos Ioannidis of AMG International says headlines like these can be misleading and create unnecessary fear.

With The Daily Express and Rebel Media .... that, of course, is the whole point.