Italy - Fake News Specialist Appointed Head of Official Broadcasters

Italy's Public Broadcast Service RAI (their BBC) has a new Boss. In most countries with public broadcasting it's appointed by a panel or a commission ... in Italy these days, it's the politicians who appoint their friends.

And new head Marcello Foa is a very weird choice indeed.

Imagine if Katie Hopkins was appointed head of the BBC ... that's the reality of today's Italy.

Foa is known in Italy for just one thing - his propensity for complete bullshit ...

  • He shares conspiracy theories from Infowars - notably one of his favourites that claimed Hillary Clinton attended 'Satanic Dinners' (Devilled Kidneys and Hot Wings?);
  • He also has pushed heavily a lot of the the stories initiated by Pizzagate Hoaxer Mike Cernovich;
  • He has publicly stated full support for the Anti-Immigration saboteurs Defend Europa;
  • He's rabidly Homophobic - and proudly so;
  • His former position at the newspaper Corriere del Ticino became untenable after the title was forced to retract too many fake stories from him, including a whole series claiming that German police were deliberately ignoring Islamic terrorist threats.

In short, he's anti-gay, anti-immigration, anti-vaccine ... and pro-Russia.

The Italian Journalist Union, Usigrai, had urged the committee to carry out an “in-depth assessment to ensure the legitimacy” of the candidate, but they refused to do so. It's all very 'Brett Kavanaugh'.

Industry sources said that Foa’s appointment is likely to prompt journalists at Rai to resign in protest. "They fear the loss of freedom,” said one source.

Politically, Foa is a very close friend of the Lega Fascist Matteo Salvini - who appointed him. Officially Foa was voted in by a 'parliamentary committee' ... but only after Salvini nominated him and then stuffed the committee with his acolytes.

.. not long after Salvini appointed Foa's son as his assistant.

And they call the EU 'corrupt'.