Italy - Neo Nazi Terrorist Jailed After Shooting Six Migrants

Neo-Nazi Terrorist Luca Traini has been sentenced to 12 years in jail for shooting six migrants in a attack in Macerata.

He went on the shooting spree on February 3rd in what he said was revenge for the death of a young Italian woman who was allegedly killed by a Nigerian man just days earlier. Fortunately no-one was killed in the race-driven attack

Traini targeted black migrants as he drove around Macerata, hitting random nationals from Ghana, Mali and Nigeria. He later abandoned his car and made a fascist salute, an Italian flag draped over his shoulders, as police arrested him.

At his trial Triani regretted his actions ...
I am sorry for the injuries I caused. While in prison, I have understood that the colour of ones' skin has nothing to do with anything.
Traini carries the 'Wolf's Angel' tattoo of the devoted Nazi.