So, Republicans - Not A 'Hoax', Then ?

After this weeks discovery of multiple explosive devices, all targeted at Trump's opponents, the Trump Conservative Spin Machine went into overdrive, blaming various groups - any one - anybody except a Trump Fanatic.

Now that the bomber suspect has been unveiled as a registered Republican and a Trump fanatic par excellence, we think we ought to name these fools who tried to con the American people. Few were fooled. 

Trump backers who have suggested the bombs are a liberal hoax ...

Ann Coulter ; Rush Limbaugh ; Michael Savage ; James Woods ; Mike Flynn Jr. ; Frank Gaffney ; Kurt Schlichter ; Candace Owens ; David Horowitz ; John Cardillo ; Laura Loomer ; Jacob Wohl ; Chadwick Moore ; John Lott ; Lou Dobbs.

What do they all have in common ? They, too are Trump fanatics - and all but two are Fox News contributors. Oh, and the other thing they all have in common ? They lie to protect Trump, and thus, have surrendered their integrity for all time.

Limbaugh Busted
Coulter Busted
Woods Busted
Loomer Busted
Dobbs Busted