Spain - Far Right Party 'Vox' attracts 9,000 People to Madrid Rally

On Sunday, more than 9,000 sympathizers showed up at Madrid’s Vistalegre Palace for the biggest show of force to date by Vox, a Far-Right Party founded just a few years ago.

The Madrid event follows similarly successful events in Valladolid and Zaragoza.

If so, it would signal a change in Spain - where politicians have often boasted about the absence of a far-right party, in contrast with other European countries where xenophobic movements have made inroads. Spain still remembers the days of Franco.

Vox supporters are taught the usual Far Right Rhetoric ...
Spain is under threat from all sides.
Patriots need to rise up to defend the Spain against this onslaught.
The precise same words and tactics we've seen used in Germany with AfD, Italy with Lega, have been lifted wholesale as a template - and dropped onto a nation who only a few decades ago escaped the decades-long Fascism of General Franco.

Supporter Manolo Burgos says he is here for the "future of his children and grandchildren". He says he does not want “a Muslim Spain.” Under his vest ... there is a Franco flag sitting “over my heart.”

The speakers at the rally told little of actual policies, simply echoing their fellow European Hard Right idols, generating fear, driving anger . Among the few policies specifically mentioned were "deporting immigrants" and "taking back our national sovereignty".

Sound familiar?

They even ended with "Make Spain Great Again."