Ukip's Jonathan Jennings - An Update

Word from Wales Police on Ukip's Jonathan Jennings and the Anti-Terrorist Unit Investigation into him.

During interview he admitted his death threats to our team. In the face of massive evidence supplied by us, he could do no other.

The Police considered his threats to us - which were very descriptive in detail and graphic in nature - as 'viable'.

Jennings is serving a
16 month sentence
CPS currently considering whether to charge him. They may well decide it is 'not in the public interest' as he's currently already serving a 16 month sentence for similair multiple offences.

They were unable to prepare a case for this offence ready to conjoin with all the other offences, and thus the decision was made to treat it as a separate issue, after his recent trial.

They confirm Jennings is receiving diagnosis and treatment for his mental health issues. They were unable, of course, to give any reassurances over what his conduct will be after his release.

They agreed that Xenophobic Threats and Hate Speech on Social Media was basically his life 24/7.

The question remains - unanswered - why such a dangerous man was invited as a VIP guest on BBC Question Time.

One of Jenning's many threats, considered viable. Very descriptive in detail and graphic in nature.