US Groups Raising Millions To Support Right Wing UK 'Think Tanks'

IEA's Policies are overtly Political, and funded by donors with an agenda. It is not a 'Charity' 

Millions of dollars
has been raised from anonymous US donors to support British rightwing thinktanks that are among the most prominent in the Brexit debate. A Guardian analysis has established that $5.6m (£4.3m) has been donated to these US entities since 2008.

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), the Adam Smith Institute, Policy Exchange and the Legatum Institute have all received financial support from US backers via this route.

The disclosure leaves the thinktanks facing questions as to whether wealthy Americans have undue influence in British politics, particularly over the form Brexit takes. Not only that, but it allows these donors to remain secret. It's Dark Money.

The UK thinktanks are some of strongest proponents of radical free trade deals with reduced regulation – positions likely to benefit big American businesses, which have opposed Europe’s tighter regulations since the 2008 financial crash.

The 'charitable' status of the thinktanks requires them to remain non-partisan, and they all insist they have not taken a line as institutions on whether the UK should leave the EU. Clearly they're breaking this status requirement, and the Charities Commission is already investigating Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) for this breach.

The IEA has always declined to identify its donors, but in the past they are known to have included fossil fuel and tobacco companies and the casino and financial services industries. They said it was ...
... spurious to suggest that the IEA is engaging in any kind of ‘cash for access’ system
... despite video evidence recently from their Director openly talking about it.

Policy Exchange declined to say what the US money was used for. A spokesman said ...
The decision of a donor to remain anonymous does not give any right to commission specific research projects, or any editorial control or veto over the content of our work.