What Is Socialist Social Media - #SocSocM ?

In case you may have spotted this growing online, we thought we'd explain it further by sharing tjis from the original creator, 'Devutopia', aka @D_Raval on Twitter.

What is Socialist Social Media #SocSocM?

A hashtag to connect the socialist social media activists with the aim of raising our collective game so that we can better challenge mainstream media.

Why Socialist Social Media #SocSocM?

The number of socialist activists on social media has grown rapidly and we have made good progress with critical contributions to campaigns like the Election as well as the daily rebutal of Tory and MSM lies. But, we can do better...

Socialist Social Media #SocSocM - The Opportunity

What if we could do better to mobilise the whole movement on social media? What if the people who don't post politics started to? What if those who already do, improved their posts? What if our top 50 were a top 200?

Socialist Social Media #SocSocM - How Do We Do Better?

We do better by applying a key socialist principle, we use our collective strength. We have all the ideas, knowledge and skills we need across our movement. We just need better ways of accessing and sharing these assets

Socialist Social Media #SocSocM - Using Our Collective Strength Better: Idea (1) - Raise All Ships!

Improve the quality of our social media posts by SHARING tips and insights to help people to do better. Could be your own tips on what works well or other people's tips.

Socialist Social Media #SocSocM - Using Our Collective Strength Better: Idea (2) - Collaborate!

Simplest way is to offer help when it looks like someone needs it. Likewise ask for help, if you don't how to do something, chances are someone else will. Share help requests.

Socialist Social Media #SocSocM - Using the #SocSocM hashtag

Use the #SocSocM tag to identify content for other activists not for general users. Use it for posts that are #tips, #insights, #ideas or #requests for help.  Use other tags for pushing policies, campaigns etc.

Socialist Social Media #SocSocM - is Open Source

This is a key principle. Content will be public, so there'll be mischief and people sharing useless tips but this is the best way to share knowledge with the widest collaboration network. For sensitive stuff use messaging etc

Socialist Social Media #SocSocM - is Organic

No one owns it, leads or controls it. There are no leaders, editors or any kind of gatekeepers. It will be whatever it will be. So start sharing, learning and collaborating!