Young Tories, Being Young Tories

Plymouth University Young Tories celebrated beginning of semester in style. No, wait, they did so in a display of depravity, racism and hatred.

Let's see ...
  • Fake Hitler Moustaches ... CHECK.
  • Enoch [Powell] Was Right ... CHECK.
  • Fuck the NHS ... CHECK.
  • White Power Flashes with a 'Juden' Tattoo ... CHECK.
Understandably the Social Media sites associated with this vile group have been locked down. Conservative Party HQ launched an immediate investigation and announced it would suspend any party members involved.

The University Students’ Union also suspended the association, pending an investigation, saying ...
We totally condemn behaviour of this kind along with all forms of racism and AntiSemitism.
And the university said ...
The University does not tolerate anti-Semitic or racist behaviour under any circumstance and will take disciplinary action in line with our procedures in the event of incidents such as this.