Brexit - 'This Is Now A Criminal Investigation'

With the Brexit Campaign Group Leave.EU referred by the Electoral Commission to the National Crime Agency, it seems even the most virulent pro-Brexit media titles (yes, you, Daily Mail) are asking the question : Where did Arron Banks cash come from, that was used to bankroll the Campaign?

This comes on the back of the announcements made by the Electoral Commission yesterday, as follows, from Director and Legal Counsel Bob Posner ...

And today's news asks even more questions - Did PM Theresa May know about the criminality .. and did she try to cover it up ?

We haven't seen Government-supported Electoral Fraud like this in the UK since 1924.

The Zinoviev letter, written in the name of Grigory Zinoviev of the Communist International. It caused a sensation when published on 25 October 1924, four days before a general election, in the Lord Rothermere's Daily Mail, and it swung the Election for the Tories. It was, of course, a forgery.