How Fascism Made a Fool Out of You

Why You Believed It Couldn’t Happen Here  - And Maybe Still Do

Excellent piece on Medium, from Umair Haque, and a highly recommended read.
I used to say that the rise of fascism would be the defining event of our adult lifetimes.
And I wouldn’t blame you if, when I said it five years ago, you laughed and thought I was a little strange, when I said it three years ago, you frowned and rolled your eyes, when I said two years ago, you bickered, and when I said it one year ago, still, you nitpicked.
Glimpse the world today. Is there still really any doubt, my friends, that a a planetary mega-tsunami of fascism is roaring across the globe  - wrecking everything in its path?
 USA. Hungary. Brasil. Italy. And a dozen others. Read the full piece here.