Ku Klux Klansmen - KKK - On British Streets

Eight men seen wearing pointy KKK hoods with fists raised and arms outstretched, appeared carrying wooden crosses in Newtownards, Northern Ireland, outside the Islamic centre in County Down.

Wetherspoons tried to stop entrance to their pub but they 'pushed passed' doorman on Halloween (wait - aren't doormen supposed to stopping that?) and went on to pose for pictures with National Front members who  * coincidentally * happened to waiting in the same pub.

A video that has since emerged shows the mob making Nazi salutes as they march through town.

Key person spotted was Tony Martin, a notorious Right-wing extremist based in London and recently elected as leader of what remains of the Racist National Front. Martin, a former soldier now working as a builder and living in Croydon, has been spending a lot of time in Newtownards of late.

Martin is in a relationship with Sharon Mellor, or ‘Shazza’, as she styles herself on a Facebook page littered with her expletive-ridden Right-wing rants. She lives in a block of flats barely half a mile from the targeted Islamic Centre, and has boasted on social media of having tried to burn the Islamic centre down no less than three times.

'Shazza' - Sharon Mellor - with her new best friend
Far-Right groups based in England are coming to regard Ulster as fertile ground and gaining a foothold in the province for the first time, according to Professor Peter Shirlow, Belfast-born director of Liverpool University’s Institute of Irish Studies ...
They are a growing menace. The peace process has seen immigrants come to work in what was previously a society 90 per cent made up of white people born in Northern Ireland. They make a great contribution but tend to live in areas under housing and employment stress.
That has created the same sense as on the mainland — of British people being left behind and marginalised for far-Right groups to exploit.
Whatever the true identity of the men beneath those pointy white hoods, the photograph that emerged this week came as no surprise to the veteran anti-fascist campaigner Dr Gerry Gable, editor of Searchlight magazine ...
The Far Right have a history of using Ireland as a backdoor to Britain, and now they are gaining ground around the world it seems they are trying to do it again.
That is why we would be foolish to pass this photograph off as a one-off stunt, and ignore it. You don’t just suddenly decide to go to an Islamic prayer centre dressed up as the KKK.
I think these characters will turn out to be hard-line fascists. Dangerous people deliberately out to stoke hatred. That’s why it’s so important that they are unmasked, and we find out who was behind those white clothes.