The Trump Effect - Validation of White Supremacy

This man thought it was okay to wear this tshirt when voting in Olive Branch, Mississippi, harking back to what he probably thought were the glory days of Jim Crow and Lynching.

Why would he think that's okay ? Because his President validates his views in every word and action.

Barry Chatham, the Local Election Commissioner said ...
Well, I was shocked when I saw it, but there wasn't anything we can do.
Apparently, he explained, the law only bans "distribution of campaign literature or wearing of a shirt with a candidate’s name on it near a polling center".

Update : The man has been identified the man as Clayton Hickey, a nurse working at a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. His employer, Regional One Health, has fired him.

Hickey had previously been a police officer in Memphis but quit after an incident involving alcohol and an underage girl while on duty.