A Response To Rachel Riley's Thread on AntiSemitism

This is a thread we posted on Twitter earlier today, in full form. We've covered these threads in full before, and are surprised to say the least that the myths have resurfaced.

I'm a big fan of Rachel Riley (and okay, yeah, #Countdown). Celebrities expressing political opinions set themselves up for criticism, but RR posts a lot of interesting stuff and speaks a lot of sense.


But not in her thread yesterday on #AntiSemitism.

Why do so many of the Jewish Faith believe that Labour is AntiSemitic ?

Because, in general, the media tell them so - the Tory-driven, mainly Right Wing media (6 of the 7 most popular titles are Right-Wing or Tory-leaning)

Is there some Antisemitism in Labour ?

Almost certainly, in the grass roots. There is, sadly, in society, a thread of this hate. But certainly not to the level many would believe, and almost certainly less than other parties.

But the media choose to be rather selective.

So many media lies about Jeremy Corbyn have already been proven as false on this matter.

For example ... that 'wreath' that he 'laid' on Palestinians Terrorists 'grave' ? They were buried a hundred miles away. Corbyn was laying a wreath for all victims of Terrorism, everywhere. And yet the media continued to repeat this myth.

Rachel even claimed that the Labour Party is being investigated by Police for AntiSemitism.

The Labour Party is not being investigated by Police for AntiSemitism. We know this because Met Commissioner Cressida Dick stated so, clearly, in those precise words, on 2/11/2018.

What IS being investigated is 17 reported incidents by Labour members. That's a bit different, Rachel.

Who fought at Cable Street with the Jewish residents ? The Left.

Who fought Mosley, who fought the National Front, the BNP ? The Left.

Who fights Ukip ? The Left.

Two rather obvious facts we'd like to point out :
  • Criticising policies of the Israeli Government is not AntiSemitism.
  • Supporting Human Rights for Palestinians is not AntiSemitism.

Lord Sugar has been Anti-Labour since forever, and will use any weapon he can to attack them. Will he leave the country under a Labour Government ? So he says. His reason ? Unknown.

But despite Sugar's assurances that it's nothing to do with tax ... it's highly likely to do with tax. He, as many uber-rich do, fear having to pay their proper dues.

As for Owen Jones, he can often be a dick, and he misfires more often than he hits the target. I'm not a great fan.

  • Labour is less AntiSemitic than other parties.
  • Alan Sugar is a dick and always has been.
  • Don't believe the lies of the right-wing media on this subject.

Rachel Riley does the fight against AntiSemitism a true disservice with this misinformation. She's smarter than this.

Context, 1 : Our stance on AntiSemitism (various articles) ...

Context, 2 : We are delighted to have assisted in putting four rather nasty antisemites in jail for threats and violence. IN addition, of the over 3000 Social Media Hate Speech accounts we have contributed to getting suspended, 670 of those are due to AntiSemitism.

We've covered this before, may times from many angles. Never has it been more true than a lie gets halfway round the world before the truth gets it's boots on ...
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