Panties In A Wad from The Mail's Peter Hitchens

The Mail (on Sunday, and Mail Online) 'journalist' and angry-man-in-residence Peter Hitchens watched the latest BBC version of Poirot (spoiler - it's not very good) and then felt immediately compelled to zero-in on a major plot-point - to whit, that the nasty BBC made the Fascists look bad ...
Mosley’s Blackshirts movement was never significant in size or votes, and the more anti-Jewish and violent it got, the more its support dwindled.
Well, the Blackshirts were never great in numbers, but like many a small, extremist organisation, their influence on the debate as a whole was greater than their numbers. 'Threat' and 'Popularity' are of course subjective matters anyway, but the fact remains that Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts appeared as plot items in several Agatha Christie novels, short stories, even within the non-Poirot, non-Marple canon.

Still ... how did the Blackshirts get so influential ? Well, it wasn't for the want of trying ... by Peter Hitchen's very own employer, The Mail, who cheered them on relentlessly ...

Not content (is he ever ? I mean, in life ?) Hitchens went on to blame what he saw as BBC 'Lefty Bias' ...
The BBC are sure that the English middle classes of the period were riddled with Nazi sympathies.
Well, yes, actually. Quite a few, Including a Prince of the Realm, the Duke of Windsor, who was of course the former King Edward VIII.

Oh, and Rothermere ... the proprietor of ... The Daily Mail. (again)

Rothermere idolised Hitler so much that he sent him a rather lick-spittle telegram ...
Of course it's no wonder that Hitchens wants to down-play the loyalty of his own newspaper's former proprietor to Adolf Hitler. In truth, The Mail hasn't much changed, and is known world-wide for it's extremist, xenophobic historic stance for the last century. And these examples of the idiocy and historical revisionism of the Hitchens are nothing new. The past, it seems, is a foreign country to him, as is the truth.

So apparently the new Poirot is a BBC Gay Lefty AntiFa Remain Conspiracy. Who knew ?

Well, Hitch got his lingerie in a bunch over our editor @jdpoc posting this, insisting we link to his piece (Pfft. We never link to the Mail. No-ONE links to the Mail if they can help it) and demanding referenced direct quotations.

So, Hitch wants a reference ? Okay.

We quoted him verbatim, in quote marks, using his own words, from his own piece, in the Mail, word for word. We kinda assume that's usually good enough.

And then, after questioning our source (which, again, was ... him) Hitchens conceded that it was true, finally posting "True enough."

Apparently he's a ''journalist'', you know ...

Little Twitter spat over ? Or would he double-down ? Of course he would !!

Hitchens then claimed that the loyal support of The Mail for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis doesn't matter anymore because "all involved are long dead" ... before attacking the anti-mobilisation stance of the Daily Herald at the time (which, we thought, didn't matter anymore, according to Hitchens, because 'they're all dead', right? All very confusing)

Hitchens is a strange one. I mean, even for the bunch at the Mail, he's a strange one.

He talks of 'Liberal bigotry' which is a shocker considering the long, ever expanding catalogue of things that He. Just. Hates.

Here's a curated compendium ...
Abortion. Homosexuality. Lesbians. Sex Education. Teachers who teach Sex Education. Teachers. Birth Control. Feminists. Liberals. Leftists. Nelson Mandela. Barack Obama. Princess Diana. The BBC. The Environment. The Theory of Evolution. All of Islam. Stephen Fry. The Metric System. Decimal Currency. The Good Friday Agreement. People Who Smile. His Brother.