France - The Crooked Russian Cash That Saved Fascist Marine Le Pen's Party

Marine Le Pen's Fascist 'Front National' Party's bankruptcy was staved off in 2014, and until now no-one quite knows how. Mystery solved, here at Raw Story, with multiple other sources.

Le Pen got a mysterious 'loan' of E9.4 Million - $12.2 Million - from the very dodgy 'Czech-Russian Bank' - which despite it's name was 100% Russian.

Despite it's already known criminality, the Bank secured a European Financial Trading License  - thanks to Le Pen. This is Quid Pro Quo of the stinkiest kind.

It has since been taken over by - of course - the Kremlin, with massive debts - along with 100s of other corrupt banks. Naturally this happened after the key players asset-stripped it - and the original owner now has a warrant for his arrest. The Russian 'loan' of course, is a gift - as repayment was never required and was never asked for. The Bank owners had numerous ties to Putin - indeed, many were personal friends of his.

In short, Putin has openly funded a European Far Right Fascist Party.

Why ? Because Marine Le Pen was destabilising the EU, an agenda shared with Putin as he seeks to attack his nearest economic neighbour. (passim)

And France is not alone. Putin has openly supported, and probably funded, and anti-EU party that asks. Salvini's LegaNord in Italy ? Sure, naturally. Orban in Hungary ? Theyr'e old buddies.

Orban and Putin ? Old allies

Technically, ownership of the loan to Marine Le Pen has now been transferred to Moscow-based aircraft supply company called Aviazapchast, which works with the Syrian Air Force - and is again, owned by Putin's cronies.

And Marine Le Pen's National Front’s treasurer, Wallerand de Saint-Just, who secured the Putin cash, is also now under Criminal and Electoral Fraud Investigation by French Authorities. It was de Saint-Just who became the direct link to Roman Popov, a financier who personally owned the First Czech-Russian Bank.

What of Alexander Babakov, the crooked Russian businessman who greased the wheels of the crooked Russian Cash Deal from a Crooked Bank ?

Putin promoted him to 'Special Envoy' for the #Kremlin.

Of course he did.

Babakov. Promoted ... and Protected.