The Political Right, In US and UK, Funded By Elite Millionaire Dark Money

George Monbiot, in the Guardian, exposes the Dark Money of the Koch Brothers - whose combined wealth makes them the richest duo in the world - and their even darker agenda.
Among the world’s biggest political spenders are Charles and David Koch, co-owners of Koch Industries, a vast private conglomerate of oil pipelines and refineries, chemicals, timber and paper companies, commodity trading firms and cattle ranches. If their two fortunes were rolled into one, Charles David Koch, with $120bn, would be the richest man on Earth.
The Kochs seem unable to determine any difference between what profits them personally and political or economic policy. One is the other. They push for policies that will benefit them personally, and fund anyone who will do the same, as their willing puppets.

The numerous 'astroturf' organisations they've set up are spread across the USA have been successful, with both their 'Americans for Prosperity' and the 'Tea Party' pulling Republicans further right. Both call themselves 'grassroots movements'.

And now, the Kochs turn to the UK.

Identified by Monbiot as receiving - so far - £470,000 is Spiked Online, a pro-Brexit, anti-NHS outlet that pretends to be once 'Socialist' but now spreads a purely 100% Right-Wing Agenda - as they are richly paid to do.

Perhaps the mysterious, uber-secretive pro-Brexit, anti-NHS IEA London - that 'bastion of integity', sorry, I mean 'organisation being investigated as a fake charity', are also in receipt of Koch funds ? It sure would explain a lot.