Trump's Family History of Shame

Donald Trump.

Should we be surprised by his Hatred, Cowardice, Immorality, Fraud and Criminality ?

No, we think it's all in the genes.

Trump's grandfather - Fred Drumpf - fled Bavaria in 1885 to avoid Compulsory Military Service. He was officially listed as a draft dodger.

Coming to the USA, he initially made his money from prostitution and brothels.

Later, to start his property business, he fraudulently filed a Gold Miners Property Claim - on someone else's land - with the notoriously corrupt (at the time) US Land Office, for mineral rights only. He then proceeded to illegally build on it, creating another brothel. In the Wild West and Gold Rush of the time, laws were flexible, and Drumpf learned fast how to bend them - or pay others to do so.

Trump's father was of course an enthusiastic member of the KKK, being arrested as a 'berobed marcher' at a Klan Rally in New York 1927. Despite this being listed officially in police records for public viewing, Donald Trump still tries to maintain it never happened.

Trump's father made millions profiteering during WWII, blatantly overcharging the Navy Dept by 220% for shoddy, temporary buildings in many places including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Newport, and Norfolk.

Trump's father after WWII pretended to be of Swedish, not German stock after WWII, for business reasons. Many of his tenants were Jewish.

Trump's father was finally investigated for his WWII (and other) profiteering in 1954. No charges were eventually brought against the (by now) multi-millionaire.

Trump's father was then successfully prosecuted for his Racism as a Landlord under the US Justice Dept's Civil Rights Division by the New York Commission on Human Rights for violating laws against discrimination in Housing in 1973. The Trump Organisation lost the case and were forced to change their policies.

Later, of course, Trump's father began to use his son as a walking tax haven, registering $413 million (in today's money) in his name.

In summary : Are we surprised by #Trump's Hatred, Cowardice, Immorality, Fraud and Criminality ?

Nope. He was bred to it.