Seaborne Freight Links To Brexit Campaign Proven

Why did an unknown company, with £60 in assets, suddenly get £14 million of our taxpayers cash, to run a ferry service, with no ships ?

And no likelihood of getting any ?

And directors who's previous 5 companies have folded ?

And a website that promises free pizza ? (yes, really)

Why no due diligence carried out ? And clearly it hasn't. One of it's directors is Dennis Whalley, struck off after stealing clients money when he was a solicitor. He used the stolen cash to fund a 'lavish lifestyle' of cruises, a holiday in Hawaii, a chalet in France and a new BMW. How he avoided Fraud Charges is beyond us. His company folded owing £6 million. Surely that 'due diligence' would have spotted this ?

So how did they get this gig ?

All has become clear. Seaborne Freight's key director, the only one with any experience in the field, albeit patchy, is in business in a company called Hasting Estates, with :

... Andy Wigmore, 'mini-me' to Ukip's Arron Banks, and 'advisor' to fraudulent Brexit Campaign Leave.EU. Margate, the Ferry Company's base, comes under Thanet Council .. the only UK Council to be run by Arron Banks' Ukip until they recently lost control.

That's called busted.

[Updated to remove a suggested link to PM Theresa May's husband Phillip, which after further investigation was revealed to be another businessman with the same name]


Anonymous said...

Not true. Andrew Wigmore, Brian Raincock (of Seaborne), and Denis Whalley were briefly together in a company called CLAIMS STANDARDS FEDERATION LTD in 2003-2004. That's all folks. No links to Hasting Estates at all.

Anonymous said...

Looks fake to me. What is the CRN of the alleged company?

Anonymous said...

Here is a list of Wigmore's directorship. He definitely has a link to Banks, but not to any of the Companies mentioned in the allegations.

Anonymous said...

Did somebody mention due diligence?

Unknown said...

How come previous comments are anonymous?

Anonymous said...

I kept my email account anonymous because of experience. I don't want my email bombarded with false accusations claiming I am a Leave supporter. I'm not.

If you want to know what I said - look at the comments.

My name is Tony Sims.