The Case Of the Lincoln City Groundsman

A good example today of the process we use to remove hate speech from social media.

Lincoln City Football Club have a reasonable spattering of ethnicity in their first team squad, and you'd think that being advised that their Head Groundsman is a nasty piece of work would have the resultant effect. It did. Bravo, them. And in just 12 hours, too.

We were advised on Twitter about this chap, namely Ashley Barratt, and were passed a collection of his vile posts, including some rather nasty racism, open islamophobia and just a hint of psychopathic violent tendencies. He quickly deleted his account, as usual, too late. Our tipsters are quick on the draw with screenshots.

We contacted the football club, his employers, as did Resisting Hate, Kick It Out and Show Racism The Red Card, but have yet to receive a reply. No matter. What DID work - really well - was contacting the Supporters Club. Boy, were they livid. It may or may not have been their influence, unseen by us, which effected the man being sacked, we're unsure, but either way, it's a result.
Lincoln City Football Club was recently made aware of certain racial comments made by a club employee on social media which were potentially inflammatory and discriminatory in nature.
These comments were made prior to the person in question becoming an employee of the club, however, Lincoln City Football Club does not condone racism in any form, on or off the field, and any behaviour of this type by anyone connected with the Club is totally unacceptable. 
The club have since undertaken a full investigation into this matter, as a result of which the employee has been dismissed from their position.
But what it points to is this - it's not hard to clean up Social Media. What Twitter won't do, we, and others like us, will do. It's what we're here for. Since our formation we've hit over 3200 scalps - social media accounts suspended from our reports - and 1000s of others in conjunction with other groups. Add to that, we can proudly claim 23 sackings.

Yes, proud. Don't want to lose your job ? Don't be a racist dick. Your employers won't put up with it. Simple.