The Origin Of The 'Good Night, White Pride' Logo

Did you know that the famous "Good Night White Pride" logo is based on an actual incident ?

On May 9th, 1998, 18 year old Ann Arbor resident, Harlon Jones, a passionate anti-racist, was photographed showing a White Supremacist scumbag some Michigan hospitality at a KKK Rally. The photo became well known and is where the Good Night White Pride logo comes from.

The thugs decides to hold a rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan - despite having their asses handed to them there two years earlier - It cost $137,000 to police, but that's the First Amendment for you. Anti-Racist Action, the Revolutionary Workers’ League, and National Women’s Rights and students from Michigan University all mobilized to confront the Klowns.

5 people were injured during the ruckus before the KKK were shut down and run out of town. In the weeks that followed, Ann Arbor city officials and police launched an unprecedented manhunt to arrest 39 anti-racists for the “crime” of opposing the Klan. In the end, 20 anti-racists faced charges; 16 of them had their charges dropped and just one was convicted, for allegedly throwing a rock that hit a cop.

How did the local media describe those fighting the hatred of the KKK ? As a 'Mob'.