Theresa May is 0 for 12 Point On Her Own Brexit Plan

Art by Bart van Leeuwen

Two years ago, Theresa May set out her plan for Brexit. Since then Failure would be an over-kind word for her progress. Here it is.

1. Provide certainty about the process of leaving the EU.
  • Failed. We are more uncertain now about the process than we ever were.

2. Regain control over our own laws.
  • Failed. We never 'lost control' over our own laws.

3. Strengthen the Union between the four nations of the UK.
  • Failed. It's damaged. Scotland and Northern Ireland are being dragged out of Europe against their will by an unelected Westminster elite.

4. Maintain our common travel area with Ireland.
  • Irrelevant. This has never been under any threat since the Ireland Travel Laws in 1960s.

5. Control Immigration coming from the EU.
  • Irrelevant. We always had control, we just chose not to exercise it. Free Trade Agreements with non-EU nations will come with a price of increased Immigration from outside the EU, as already stated by India and Australia.

6. Guarantee rights for EU nationals in the UK and British nationals in the EU.
  • Failed. She is using EU nationals as bargain chips, threatening their right to stay and there have been no guarantees. Oh, and she's charging them £65 a person to stay in the own homes.

7. Protect Workers Rights.
  • Failed. Tory MPs have called for a 'Bonfire of EU Regulations on Workers Rights.' Liam Fox has called for Deregulation of the Labour Market. No guarantees have been made.

8. Establish Free Trade with EU markets through a Free Trade Agreement.
  • Failed. Free Trade comes with a price Theresa May has already stated the UK will not pay.

9. Establish Free Trade with EU markets through a Free Trade Agreement.
  • Failed. Actually, not started as yet. And no guarantee they will be better than our current trading arrangements. 

10. Become the best place for Science and Innovation.
  • Failed. Scientists, especially those from the EU, and there are many, are leaving in droves. As are teachers.

11. Cooperate with the EU in the fight against Crime and Terrorism.
  • Failed. MI5/MI6 heads state Brexit will harm our ability to cooperate.

12. Implement a phased approach to deliver a smooth and orderly Brexit.
  • Failed in every way possible one could imagine. This is neither smooth nor orderly, it is chaotic and brutal.

So how did Theresa May score ? 0 for 12.