USA - Republicans Tried To Attack 'AOC' And Failed In Spectacular Fashion

Hilarious and a bit sad - US Republicans tried to 'shame' newly-elected Dem Congresswoman (and the youngest ever) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by posting an old dance video from her Boston College Days - and it backfired spectacularly.

It was apparently an attempt to discredit the newly sworn-in progressive congresswoman. Instead, the clip went viral as messages of support were widely posted.

Calling her a "clueless nitwit" an anonymous right-wing twitter account shared a video of young people dancing, saying it showed "High School video of 'Sandy' Ocasio-Cortez."

The video has since been viewed more than 5 million times.

The clip is an edited version of a 2010 YouTube video of Boston University Students dancing to the song "Lisztomania" by Phoenix. The viral clip has been shortened to feature Ocasio-Cortez, and the music has been replaced with a mocking soundtrack ...
Here is America’s favorite commie know-it-all acting like the clueless nitwit she is... - AnonymousQ (@AnonymousQ1776) January 2, 2019
But overwhelmingly the reaction was in support of AOC, and rather scathing of a pathetic attempt to discredit her ...
I keep rewatching the @AOC dancing video and can’t find the problem. She’s... having fun? Has friends? Likes music? - Charlotte Alter
Wow. New footage appears to show Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being... uh... adorable? This is like when Cruz’s campaign released video of Beto with his punk rock band. You’re just making us like her more. - David Roth
Republicans are TERRIFIED of this minority, female, young, grass roots funded, elected official.

But then old white men scare easily.