A Post Brexit UK-USA Trade Deal ? Here's What USA Is Demanding

A UK-USA Trade Deal seems to be Nirvana for the Brexiteers. Now they're learning what it will entail, perhaps they'll not be so keen.

You'd think they'd have rethought the issue, after Trump's appointment as Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, said that ...
Brexit is a ‘god-given opportunity’ for nations to steal trade from the UK
and then went further, stating quite clearly that any ...
UK-US trade deal will mean scrapping EU rules ... the UK would need to change rules in areas such as food safety, as well as take steps to bring the standards for the manufacturing of medical devices closer in line with the US
Now the US lobbyists are making their claims for conditions should such a UK-US Trade Deal be negotiated. Granted, it'll be years away, but they're marking the cards now.

Among 130 demands, some worrying ones are ...

  • Change how the NHS buys drugs
  • Allow untested medical devices into the UK
  • Make the NHS pay as much as possible for new equipment
  • Allow the sale of hormone-riddled beef
  • More antibiotics in livestock
  • Dump law against chlorine-bleached chicken
  • Slash British cattle farming subsidies
  • Allow new genetically-modified foods to be sold with minimal regulation
  • Stop people knowing what they’re eating is genetically-modified food
  • Get rid of Britain’s safety-first approach to chemicals
  • Legalise dangerous pesticides
  • Let fruit and veg be sold with pesticide residue on
  • End rules that let British shoppers know what colourings are in their food
  • Bin protections for traditional British products
  • Weaken Data Protection Laws
  • Ensure Brits’ data can be transferred to foreign countries
  • Stop Britain holding big social media companies to account
  • Allow politicians, not courts, to handle legal disputes
  • Allow foreign businesses to sue the British state

Still ... while we're eating that chlorine chicken covered in pesticides, and hormone-packed genetically modifed pork, we'll have our blue passports to comfort us, eh ?