Are Brexit'ers Actually Intentionally Historically Challenged ?

It's hilarious, but also sad. Leavers are either genuinely ignorant of the facts about our nations history, or intentionally rearranging historivcal facts to suit their narrative.

One of our favourites was the recent "We survived the Blitz, we can survive this" .. ignoring the fact that 100s of thousands didn't, and nobody voted to be bombed every night.

And take this one, from one of the worst offenders, 'Theadora Dickinson' (probably her real name although perhaps 'Dickensian' would suit more.), who describes herself as 'Conservative Political Communications' (meaning she has a Twitter account) and a 'Social Media Consultant' meaning she has two Twitter accounts).

On her website she claims to have 'run' 'General Election Campaigns'. Gee, you think we would have heard of her, being so senior at a national level in the Tories.

One of her key roles - as 'Campaign Manager' no less apparently was in the London Mayoral Campaign for Zac Goldsmith - dubbed 'the most racist campaign in recent history' ... and that was just the Tories speaking.

Among her many myths and falsehoods (we estimate about 17 a day on average) is this beauty, on Britain Bravely Standing Alone.

Now, Thea is not good at history. Not good at all.

Firstly, we beat Hitler thanks to an alliance with other nations, in which we were very much the junior partner, I'm afraid. It's lovely to have a rosy view of our historic role, but facts are facts.

So just for Thea's educational benefit, here's a map of our allies in WWII. They're all in green (dark for original allies, light for after Pearl Harbour). That's actually quite a lot of the world.

Oh ... and all of us working together to beat Fascism ? That's actually AntiFascism. We worked together, because we're better together.

A bit like ... a Union of some kind.

The Original AntiFa

And then there's the fight against Napoleon. Someone you could easily describe as a Fascist-leaning Dictator. (Yes we know he did lots of marvelous and wonderful things with education and the French legal system, see the bigger picture, hmm? Invading his neighbours was basically his hobby)

We fought alongside Hanover, Austrian Empire, Russian Empire, Prussia, Spain, Portuguese Empire, Sweden, French Royalists, Papal States, Ottoman Empire, Persia, Sicily, Hungary, Bavaria, Württemberg, Kingdom of Saxony, Kingdom of Sardinia, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Brunswick, Tuscany, Nassau, and Montenegro.

Most of the battles were actually on the Eastern Front and we weren't even there.

And of course, the final decisive battle at Waterloo, although Wellington was leader of one half of the Allies (the other was total bad-ass Von Blucher) even Wellington's half of the forces were mainly non-British - Dutch, Hanoverian, Spanish, Portuguese, and others.

No, Wellington didn't beat Napoleon, Wellington and numerous Allied Nations did.

Sigh. It seems Thea is either ignorant or lying. But being a Tory, s'pose it could easily be both.

We shall not even both to address her claim about the Spanish Armada, which although being badly damaged by fireships and at the Battle of Gravelines (with our Dutch allies) ultimately succumbed to a fierce storm, bad tactics and poor ship design.

We suspect Thea's been watching "Elizabeth - The Golden Age" a few too many times. Really, lass, try not to get your history from movies.

The Spanish Armada - mainly beaten by storms.