BBC's Laura Spreads Multiple Fake Corbyn AntiSemitism Claims

From Evolve Politics, this story today : BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg retweeted a COMPLETELY FAKE Jeremy Corbyn Antisemitism smear - and refuses to retract it :
The anecdotal Twitter thread in question was published by a former Regional Communications Officer for the Labour Party, Bernie Keavy, and claimed that in the wake of allegations of antisemitism made against Ken Livingstone, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was supposedly ‘unable and unwilling to understand the issue of antisemitism‘ surrounding the former Labour Mayor of London’s comments. 
In the 7-tweet thread, Keavy claimed to have been present with Mr Corbyn when the Labour leader was informed about accusations made against Mr Livingstone, and claimed that the Labour leader did not see any issue with the former London Mayor’s comments alleging Hitler supported Zionism.
 Full story here at Evolve.