Britain First's Golding and Fransen On Trial In Belfast

No, they're not really a 'thing' any more, but in their final death throes, Britain First's leader Paul Golding and former leader Jayda Fransen are currently on trial in Belfast, along with two others. They are accused of using threatening, abusive or insulting words intended to stir up hatred or arouse fear.

Their speech in Belfast in August 2017 was aimed at stirring up hatred towards Muslims in Northern Ireland, a court was told. Prosecutors claimed Paul Golding went beyond criticising aspects of a religion at a rally outside City Hall where he spoke about "colonisation and Islamification by the back door".

Similar charges have been brought against 61-year-old John Banks, of Doncaster, and Paul Rimmer of Liverpool. All four deny the allegations.

Crown lawyer Robin Steer drew a distinction between the contents of their speeches and a claim once made by former DUP leader Ian Paisley that the Pope was "the antichrist". He stated ...
It's not the same as saying all Catholics should be killed or all Catholics are involved in a war against you.
District Judge George Conner indicated he was likely to reserve his verdict so we may not hear a result for several weeks.