Farage Calls for Brexit March - Free Travel, Lodging, Clothing & Lunch Included

Brexit Leavers - like Nigel Farage - are calling for a March. Well, specifically, they're calling for their gullible followers to donate cash.

They hope to get a million on the streets, and donors will even be paying for their lunches. Marchers will be chauffeured from point to point, and the ones who donate the most will get clothing, accommodation ... and all fully paid travel.

Clearly their attempt to organise the biggest mass GammonFest seems reliant on £millions from the loyal idiots. It's doomed to failure, of course.

The last "MASS BREXIT MARCH !!" earlier this year attracted - wait for it - a total multitude of 63. Sixty Three. we counted them, start to finish.

But the "HUGE RALLY !!" before that was even more embarrassing. Ukip's Patrick O'Flynn and Suzanne Evans were mainly there on their own for several hours, but to be fair - and we like to be fair - they were apparently joined later by two others, making a total head count of (checks calculator) ... four.