Farage Lies on Gibraltar, Busted

Poor Nigel. So sidelined, so unimportant, he feels perhaps he needs to spout on every issue. Surely someone will report his views, give him some validity ? So he keeps trying, bless him. And keeps getting owned.

This time it's about Gibraltar. With the Irish Border / Backstop still the key blockage to Brexit, the Spanish have raised the spectre of 'revisiting' the Gibraltar Border issue as a price for flexibility on Ireland.

Both are or will be, of course, borders between Eu and Non EU nations - and Gibraltar, remember, voted 96% to Remain in the EU. But 'Sovereignty' apparently. And the poor Gibs don't even have representation of an MP. Not one.

"A colony of the British Crown" was how EU official described Gibraltar, correctly.

"HOW DARE THEY !!" screamed Nigel.

Of course, EU texts from 2006 and 2017 have referred to Gibraltar as a 'colony of the British crown' without comment.

The phrase has been repeated 281 times within the EU Parliament since 2014 ... but naturally Nigel wouldn't have been there to hear it, having as he does one of the worst attendance records in the EU for any MEP. From any nation. Ever.
And here's the kicker. 'Colony' was on the official UK-issued passports, prior to us joining the EU. A blue passport, too.