Italy - Democracy, Sold To Putin, And Now Proven By Italian Investigation

Italy's Salvini, clearly pleased to be in Moscow to visit his paymaster

Exposed : The secret negotiations to finance the Fascist Lega Nord of Matteo Salvini - with Russian money.

Putin laundered E3 Million via a front company and passed to Fascist Lega Nord's Matteo Salvini, now Dep PM of Italy. Italy's democracy has been sold for dark money.

A devastating long-running investigation by Italian journalists Giovanni Tizian and Stefano Vergine has exposed, and proven, the funding link long suspected between Putin's Russia and the Fascist party Lega Nord, which catapulted Salvini to power in Italy. The full story is to published in L'Espresso on Sunday 24 February.

The Putin links to Anti-EU Parties in Europe have long been suspected and written about by us, Hungary and France were nations who received Russian cash.

In short : Putin made a six-zero deal to finance the Lega Nord ahead of European Elections, disguised as a fuel purchase / sale. And it's easy. And legal. All Putin does - on many occasions, using various commodities - is to sell an item, in this case, fuel stock of the Gasoil EN 590 standards Udsl, at full value, to a shell company. This is purchased by another shell company at 1/10th of its value, and sold on the open market again at full value. The profits are then donated to a European anti-EU Party of their choice. Putin's Government takes the expected huge financial loss, but importantly, the funds are transferred by a relatively legal means.

Meetings, travel, email, handshakes and draft millionaires contracts, all have been proven in the article this Sunday.

Salvini's Lega Nord Fascist Party was riddled with Fraud and deep in debt. Suddenly it's not.

And this is only one of the chapters of the full investigation entitled "Il Libro nera della Lega", published by Laterza, due out on February 28th.

Gianluca Savoini is the middle man - Russian media has praised the activities of his Lombardy-Russia association and the positions taken by the League against the sanctions imposed by Europe on Russia. Savoini has always been present during the official visits of Salvini in Moscow. He led the Russian funding negotiations from the beginning.

Gianluca Savoini with Putin

The most important date in this intrigue is October 18, 2018. A few hours since Matteo Salvini's visit to Moscow. when Savoini his Kremlin counterpart Dymitri Kozak to finalise the deal at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow - to support the League's finances and to strengthen them in anticipation of the European Elections in May

In summary : Am Italian Anti-EU Fascist Party, the Lega di Salvini, financed for the next European Election campaign by a Russian state-owned company controlled by Vladimir Putin.

In Italy, Democracy has been sold cheaply.