National Action Far Right Terrorists Finally On Trial

After being found Guilty of membership of a Terrorist Organisation back in In July 2018, with five others, Jack Renshaw and two others are now on trial for the crime which led to their exposing and eventual arrest - the planned murder of a Labour MP, Rosie Cooper.

Jack Renshaw, 23, of Skelmersdale, Lancashire, bought a Roman-style 'gladius' sword and outlined his plan during a pub meeting, to kill Mrs Cooper in an act of 'White Jihad'.

The plot was foiled by a whistle-blower who reported the danger to Hope Not Hate. Alongside Renshaw on trial are Andrew Clarke from Merseyside, and Michal Trubini from Warrington.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC said the men were not on trial for their beliefs, but for belonging to a group ...
... that sought actively through fear, intimidation and the threat of violence.
Mr Atkinson told jurors that National Action had spread propaganda aimed at starting a race war since 2013 before it was banned over its support for the murder of Batley MP Jo Cox in June 2016.

Prosecutor Atkinson QC continued ...
It is important to recognise from the outset that these defendants are not being prosecuted for their racist or neo-Nazi beliefs, however repulsive they may be, but for their participation in a banned organisation that sought actively through fear, intimidation and the threat of violence rather than through free speech and democracy to shape society in accordance with those racist and neo-Nazi beliefs.
An important part of the evidence concerned the plan devised by Renshaw to engage in "politically motivated violence of the most serious kind.
It is clear from the attack that he planned and the target that he chose that this was to be politically motivated violence and a putting into deadly practice of the objectives and beliefs of National Action.
There is no dispute that Renshaw was planning to do this, he has pleaded guilty to preparing for an act of terrorism, for politically motivated murder.
Labour MP Rosie Cooper - The intended target