That Moment When Brexit'eers Called Donald Tusk 'Elite'

It finally happened. Brexiteer loons 'jumped the shark' by referring to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, as 'that elite'.

All the while, of course, ignoring the actual uber-elite and billionaire media proprietors behind the Brexit Chaos. They even go further by calling him an Nazi. Or sometimes a Communist. It depends what day it is.

Let's make a comparison, shall we ?

Donald Tusk of course, has made good from impeccable working class credentials. His father was a carpenter, his mother was a nurse. His grandfather was a Concentration Camp inmate in WWII before being forcibly conscipted to enter the Wehrmacht.

You can't get better cred than that.

Here's Tusk painting anti-communist slogans on a chimney, as part of the Youth Wing of Solidarność - Solidarity, opposing Poland's Communist Rule, which was formed in the aftermath of the murder of Stanisław Pyjas, a student activist, probably killed by members of the Polish Communist Secret Services.

To compare, on the left is Boris Johnson, born rich product of Eton, Oxford and the Bullingdon Club.

Would you like more ? Here's the nailer.

Here's Tusk at a Working Class Student Protest. Compare to Jacob Rees-Mogg, seen here at Eton with his Savile Row clothing and monocle.

An actual monocle.