Turning Point's Candace Owen - Hitler Was Just Making Germany Great Again

Trump'er personality Candace Owens - part of 'Turning Point USA' who have launched recently in the UK - has described Hitler’s plan for Germany - including the Concentration Camps - as initially “OK” ... while speaking in the same city that the Nazi dictator relentlessly bombed nearly 80 years ago.

She claimed that Hitler was merely ...
... Making Germany Great Again. Well, OK, fine. I don’t really have an issue with it. I really don’t. I think that it’s OK.
The remarks came in a resurfaced video, exposed by Buzzfeed News - taken in December at a London event launching the British chapter of the conservative group she helps lead.
Hitler's Nationalism was given a bad rap.
Owens was asked by an audience member for her thoughts on the future of nationalist movements. In her response, Owens said “nationalism” has been given a bad rap before pivoting to the Nazi dictator.