What Do We Mean By Socialism ? We Mean The Danish Model

Trump, in his 'Slat of the Onion' Speech (as it's being called) referenced what he called the 'spectre' of Socialism, mentioning Venezuela, of course.

He intentionally, as do many Conservative commentators, display a lack of basic political knowledge, or intentionally 'gaslight' the issue for their agenda.

Thankfully, many American's are far smarter than the Orange buffoon and his acolytes. And certainly most Europeans are.

When Americans talk of Socialism, this is what they mean - they mean like Denmark :
  • Higher life expectancy;
  • Less poverty;
  • Significantly higher overall life satisfaction;
  • Affordable or Free Healthcare;
  • A Social Safety Net for the Poorest;
  • High levels of Entrepreneurship.
I.e., Denmark, not Venezuela.

It's no coincidence that Denmark - along with Sweden - are the two happiest nations on the planet. Their governments are generally market-based coalitions, but with core values which are predominantly based on the key socialist principles which for decades have made their countries great places to live in.

They are both a blend of enough Free Market Capitalism to make things work ... and enough Socialism to ensure they work for all.