Whatever You Think About The Independents, Anna Soubry Is Spot On

Tory MP's Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen resigned from the Tory Party today, minutes before Prime Minister's Questions, citing Ms May's "disastrous" handling of Brexit as their key motivation for joining the new Independent Group.
Hard-right Brexit Extremism has won.
The three MPs went on in their individual speeches to highlight the many issues which made them leave - and although Brexit was one issue, it wasn't the only one by far. All three referenced the 'hard right' elements that now run the Tory Party - and singled out Jacob Rees-Mogg's ERG for particular criticism.

In a press conference, Ms Allen said the Prime Minister had been "bullied into submission'' by the European Research Group (ERG) and was "dragging the country and parliament kicking and screaming to the edge of a no deal abyss.''

In her letter to the PM, Ms Soubry stated ...
We voted for you as a Leader and Prime Minister because we believed you were committed to a moderate, open hearted Conservative Party in the One Nation tradition.
Sadly, the Conservative party has increasingly abandoned these principles and values with a shift to the right of British Politics.
We no longer feel we can remain in the Party of a Government whose policies and priorities are so firmly in the grip of the ERG  [European Research Group] and DUP.
The final straw for us has been this government's disastrous handling of Brexit.
Soubry went on to state in her speech ...
Citizens of the world were cast out as citizens of nowhere, Remain voters marginalised and insulted as members of the liberal, metropolitan elite.
EU citizens who had lived and contributed to this country for decades were being labelled as queue jumpers.
I’m not leaving the Conservative Party, it has left us.