BBC Show Hosted By 'Nazi Pug Dog Guy' Is Scrapped After 24 Hours

Mark Meechan, aka 'Count Dankula'

BBC Scotland have performed a dramatic U-turn after facing a massive backlash over a decision to give a TV role to a criminal who taught a dog to perform a Nazi salute to the phrase 'Gas The Jews'.

Mark Meechan - aka Count Dankula, a Ukip-connected former 'YouTube Star' who was convicted of a grossly offensive hate crime last year - was set to co-star in a programme on the new digital channel. Meechan is also close friends with the far right's Tommy Robinson, fake conspiracy theorist Paul Watson of InfoWars, currently being sued for calling mass shootings 'hoaxes', and noted Neo-Nazi 'Sargon of Akkad'.

Meechan, with Conspiracy Theorists and Fake News Purveyors Watson and Sargon.

Campaigners had branded the move to give Meechan a role in the late-night discussion series ‘absolutely sickening’.

BBC Scotland were quick to change their mind. A spokesperson, said ...
We have been reviewing our new late night discussion programmes The Collective during the edit process.
As with all new formats, robust editorial processes apply. In this case we have concluded that it’s not appropriate to include Mark Meechan as a contributor. The two programmes in which he featured will not be broadcast as part of any series.
Glasgow Friends of Israel lawyer Matthew Berlow said he was in disbelief that Meechan - who he believes has made light of the Holocaust - was even considered for a role. He added ...
It is absolutely sickening and disgusting. Anti-Semitism is a very difficult subject but we Jews know what it looks and feels like. 
I know that anti-Semitism has become very popular but I don’t think that [Meechan’s politics] can be described as a “view”. The Holocaust is no laughing matter.
The BBC Scotland programme, which will begin airing next month, will see four people with strong opinions take on controversial topics in each episode. The regular contributors will lead and present the show and debate among themselves in a living room-style set-up according to one source.