Brexit : How The Hell Did We Get Here ?

Reviewing the last two and a half years, at what point could we look back and say *this* is what led us to this Chaos ? I think that there are 12 factors that history will focus on. And they will not look kindly.

1. A Referendum Called Simply For Internal Party Reasons.

PM (at the time) David Cameron called an unnecessary Brexit Referendum, unsupported by any genuine majority wish from the electorate, simply to assuage rebels within his own party and defuse Ukip support.

2. An Unclear Ballot.

The wording of the Referendum Ballot Paper was vague, by necessity. Just 'In or Out'. A complex description of what Brexit actually entailed was impossible, both to include on the Ballot, or even to agree to at that time. At the point of the referendum, no-one thought anything of it because all indications pointed to its rejection. But to this day, no British voter has had any vote on the type of Brexit we will endure.

3. A Paradise Sold To The Uninformed By Charlatans.

None of the Brexit Evangelists who promoted the Cause were, or even now, are, in any position to deliver what they had promised. Those who voted for Brexit voted on vague, often contradictory, sometimes outright false promises from those not in Government, authority or power. 

4. The Media Proprietors.

The key media operators ere either initially in favour of anything 'anti-establishment' (it makes good headlines) or genuine Brexit'ers all the way. The UK's Media Proprietors are a combination of right-wing, foreign, tax dodgers. Rather than 'Take Control', Brexit voters let themselves be dictated to by the likes of American Rupert Murdoch, Porn Magnate Richard Desmond, the Tory Barclay Brothers and that ilk. In other words, the actual elite.

5. A Tsunami Of Unchallenged Lies.

The Anti-EU Brigade have systematically lied about the EU on an industrial scale since the 1980s. An estimated (and it's a low estimate) 642 Myths (since 2000) have been carefully created, curated and disseminated. These lies, far from being challenged by the media, were spread by the media. One of the classics, of course, is the 'straight bananas' myth, invented from scratch by a young (at the time) journalist called Boris Johnson. The biggest lie - £350 million weekly for the NHS - was openly admitted as a lie by Dominic Cummins, the head of Vote Leave

6. Different Potential Brexit Voters Were Sold Different Ideas.

Brexit Evangelists sold a version of Leave on each occasion to suit the audience, constantly changing the rhetoric from day to day. Vote Leave spokespersons all contradicted each other. Leave.EU sold another different handful of versions, and Ukip sold another basket of variants. No wonder now that so many are complaining that what they were sold is not being implemented.

7. The 2017 Tory Manifesto.

This promised to 'deliver' Brexit. It didn't specify which version because even then, there as no agreed plan of any kind. And since then, the Tories have referred back to this 2017 Election as a 'mandate' to continue, despite the fact that they failed to achieve a majority. "It's in our manifesto, we must deliver' they have effectively stated, intentionally avoiding the fact that they have actually failed to deliver on anything in their manifesto, and still don't have a majority, and thus, no mandate for their policy.

8. Declaring Article 50 Without A Plan.

An act that was unnecessary, and an act that has come back to haunt us. A too-short period, declared at a time when the Government were already aware that agreeing a deal would take far, far longer. A stupid move made at the time merely to appease the 'ERG' contingent of the Tories.

9. The Ireland Backstop.

The issue which really was the elephant all the time, ignored by everybody except the informed, an impossible impasse pointed out by the aware, which has now become the main sticking point. Any land border between a non-EU nation and an EU nation must be a hard border (like Switzerland's) and there is no mythical 'technological solution', else it would have been documented and clarified by now, which it hasn't. There is no foreseeable solution to avoid a hard border, custom checks and queues at the internal Irish border. It was always going to be thus. 

10, The Continuing False Use Of The Term 'Democracy'

Brexit'ers refer to the Referendum as 'democratic' despite continuing and growing evidence that it was not so. It ha officially been declared Fraudulent by the electoral Commission a as result of industrial scale data fraud, systematic expenses fraud, mysterious foreign cash paying for advertising campaigns, all leading to multiple ongoing criminal investigations. The Brexit Campaign actually led in polls only for the two weeks prior to the vote - the precise period when the Criminal Campaign reached it's height. It is actually democratic when a country has an opportunity to change it's mind, as stated by David Davis - the former Brexit Secretary.

11. A Party Only In Power Through Bribery, Reliant on the DUP.

Since 2017 the Tories have ran a Minority Government. In such a case, even with the alignment with the DUP (which cost us a cool £ Billion) it is tricky - even impossible - to get legislation through parliament unless it meets a compromise of all parties. In such an argument where the two extremes are so polarised, such a resolution is close to impossible, even with skilled negotiators, which we don't have.

12. Over Promoted Ministers, a Split Nation, a Split Party, a Split Cabinet

The quality of ministers in Theresa May's Cabinet has rarely been lower. Those few that had original ideas have resigned in protest, leaving May with no recourse but to promote second-raters who might agree with her - and she has since found to the contrary, that many don't. Theresa May is isolated, having lost control of her party to the ERG and the DUP, who are dictating policy on the hoof. And on a 52% - 48% referendum, our entire nation was split in 2016 - and we have never recovered from that.

Brexit : The undefined, negotiated by the unprepared, to get the unspecified, for the uninformed.