Der Dusseldorf RosenTag Parade, Where Everyone's A Target Of Satire

In Germany, the annual RosenTag (Rose Day) Parades are a total hoot.

Also known as Karneval or Fastnacht, it's always just before the beginning of Lent. Germans mark the occasion in some regions by holding street parades, parties and making fun of German stereotypes, politicians and other public figures, using superb carnival floats.

Here a few crackers from this year's Dusseldorf event.

They really don't like Donald Trump

They summarise the RussiaGate Affair quite nicely

And talking of that Mr Putin .. (Wirtschaft is 'Economy')

Catholic Church hiding of Paedophilia came under attack

And a bit of playful mockery for our Queen 

Although this mockery of Theresa May and Brexit is spot on

And on domestic affairs, they hint at the rhetoric of Far Right AfD Politician Björn Höcke

And a comment on Sylvio Berlusconi's possible return to EU Politics