Farage - Facing Money Laundering Charges ? We Hear So - UPDATED

The problem with good sources is there's rarely any printable third party confirmation, a common problem. So no, we have no confirmation as yet, but we're going to put this out there anyway.

We hear, from a very reliable source, that Nigel Farage could be ...
facing Criminal Charges within 6 weeks (after March 29th, anyway) related to Money Laundering.
Source is said to be the HMRC Money Laundering Unit in internal CPS documents.

And also this :
Other persons in the public arena are being investigated for similiar offences.
We have no names. Yet. We understand that this is unrelated to the USA RussiaGate Mueller Investigation, in which Farage is a person 'under active investigation.'

We've sat on this story for a week, awaiting a legal 'okay' to run it. We rarely run a piece on a single source, except when it's in the public interest.

We hope to have more confirmation next week. Stay tuned.

By the way, if you think this is unlikely, remember ... #Ukip strongly defended #Farage's Personal Aide, George Cottrell, against any wrongdoing.

For Money Laundering.

Not that there's any connection between the cases, and there is no guilt by association, but our point is - it's not really that far-fetched, is it ?

Farage's Personal Aide George Cottrell, who went to jail on Money Laundering charges.

Update 1 :

We can tell you that the source is a small group of staff within HMRC. Imagine their situation, relatively low-paid clerical staff - but fairly paying all of their taxes in full, as the PAYE system was set up to facilitate.

And then being instructed to give certain individual's financial affairs no more than a cursory glance-over. Why would that be?

Why should tax-paying staff be instructed to facilitate tax avoidance - and fraud - among a small handful of uber-rich - just because the individuals donate to a particular party, or hold a particular political position ?

We expect more data to come from this source specifically on tax avoidance / evasion - both legal and illegal.

Meanwhile, this story was one of the issues unrelated to tax that they were able to pass to us.